Size Guides

Size Guide - Sanita

Please follow this guide when choosing your new clogs.

EU     UK       US/AUS          CM
35      2.5       M2.5/W4.5      22.3
36      3          M3/W5            23.0
37      4          M4/W6            23.7
38      5          M5/W7            24.3
39      6          M6/W8            25.0
40     6.5        M6.5/W8.5      25.7
41      7           M7/W9            26.3
42      8          M8/W10          27.0
43      9          M9/W11          27.7
44     10         M10/W12        28.3
45     10.5      M11                29.0
46     11          M12                29.7
47     12          M13                30.3
48    13          M14                31.0
49    14          M15                31.5

Our Sanita Original Professional clog utilizes a proven pressure relieving system to not only reduce feet and back pain but offer you a unique style that comes with the 100 year old tradition and craftsmanship of Sanita. 

In order for you to experience the wonderful effects of the unique Sanita original professional contour, we would like to offer some tips to adding a little extra pep in your step. 

For the most comfortable fit, you should have a pinky-sized gap between your heel and the back of your clog. You should have plenty of room in the toebox area with the instep collar or padded part of the shoe that goes across the top of your foot being the snuggest part of the shoe. When you walk, your heel should come up out of the clog as it's propelled by the sturdy, shock absorbing sole that provides solid support. This will stabilize your foot in the clog, maximizing comfort. 

Some extra tips to keep in mind when determining a proper fit; just remember that Sanita clogs are hand made by cobblers in Poland so this means that the fit may vary slightly from shoe to shoe. You may feel that your clogs are a bit snug. To fix this, simply stretch one or both shoes to customize your fit. Also, the plastic heel counter is adjustable so just pinch for a more narrow fit or press to widen the heel. 

So whether you are on your feet all day or you're just giving your feet a break, the San Original Professional is the perfect choice for customized comfort. Enjoy!


Size Guide - Glerups

If you are unsure about what size to choose, you can use this Size chart. The chart is based on the used grenadiers’ length. It can be used only indicative as the best way to find the right fit is by trying a physical model.