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Sanita Tattoo

Sanita Tattoo

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Sanita Tattoo

Did you know that Sanita's clogs are the original clogs from 1907?

When you buy a Sanita Original Tattoo clog, you get a white slipper clog, in a leather of PU tattoo printed leather.
The model is made on a white PU (Polyurethane) sole, which together with the soft on steam insole, provides maximum comfort, shock absorption and good durability.
The clogs are made of pure materials and are practical for several purposes; fashion as well as professional use.

Sanita a leader in Clog Design.

The Original range is designed around the foundation of the sole, The Rocker bottom allows natural motion for a healthy stride
Designed for comfort and style Sanita Clogs reduce the pressure on your lower back and legs.

Easy Exchange/Return: We have a 100% return guarantee, If what your ordered isn't quite what you wanted please post it back to us and we will refund you in full. If the size is not quite right post it back and we will send out a replacement pair freight free.

If we don't have your size: Please drop me an email chances are they are on their way we can let you know when they arrive thanks -

Type - Slipper clogs          
Material - Printed leather                                          
Sole - PU                                          
Height - 4.5 CM                            
Flexible - Yes


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